St Marks Episcopal Cathedral

1245 10th Ave E
Seattle, Washington, 98102
view phone(206) 323-0300

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Hands down one of the best services I have attended in a long time. This service was full of liturgy and tradition, the kind that you could feel from the time you walked in the door. Upon even approaching the door, there was so much respect for this sacred place that the room was in complete silence. Being that the church was located on Capital Hill, there was a whole variety of people that came to this compline service. The greatest part of it all was that everyone was just mixed in with everyone else. There were no divisions, homeless people sat with the wealthy and vice versa. There focus was not on their differences, but instead upon God and their hunger to know him. The community was amazing to watch, but the cathedral itself could take your breath away by mere appearance alone. Around the room were many traditional symbols and artifacts that expressed God in many different ways. One could have come and just walked around the room and felt the presence of the Lord. But it didn’t end there, the service began and the voices of the monks were beautiful. If one closed their eyes, they might get a vision of what heaven would look and sound like someday. The service ended and I left that service more alive than I had been in a long time. In recommending this church to others I would suggest that one must go if they are anywhere near the cathedral or Seattle on a Sunday night.

03/02/2014 - 09:04 am

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